[CES 2020] Wello exhibits its cargo bike connected and rechargeable via solar panels.

Start-up Wello, which oscillates between Le Mans and Reunion Island, presented its new electric urban vehicle called “Family”.Wello’s cargo bike is on display for the first time at the CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2020.The start-up founded in 2015 by Arnaud Chéreau assures that it wants to develop “soft and accessible urban mobility solutions for all, while offering a range of high value-added services”. This bike is already available in second-hand .

A connected three-wheeler

With its three wheels and bodywork, the Family is entered in the bicycle category and can therefore be used on cycle paths.However, Wello is also looking to offer certain car-related features such as “comfort, carrying capacity, weather protection and safety,” the start-up lists.The Family can accommodate one adult passenger or two children in the back.The electric vehicle is equipped with a battery with a range of 60 kilometres, rechargeable via its solar panels or from the mains.

In order to respond to the new uses of mobility, the Family is a connected bike.The user can analyze his daily usage via a mobile application since the data is uploaded in real time to the Cloud.Apart from the geolocation of the bike, which is very useful in the event of theft, Wello does not specify what kind of data is retrieved.It simply adds secure data and meets DPMR standards.

A fleet management service

The start-up also offers “digital fleet management services”.A service that is all the more useful for Wello, which goes beyond individuals to include companies and communities.The young company even already collaborates with “companies and local authorities for the logistical flow of goods and the movement of employees and citizens”.The Family, which is already offered in a professional version, will be available on order during 2020.